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    News — seventies

    70s shades are back, and OTC has got your back.

    70s shades are back, and OTC has got your back.

    Pop on a pair and see the world through rose-coloured lenses. More of a true blue kinda cat? We've got the blues too. Think orange and yellow shades are just the bee's knees? Gotcha covered. And guess what? We even have the mother of all 70s shades in stock, online and in store. Picture this: hexagon frames with gradient sunrise lenses. Bam pow, groovy man.  

    In case there's still the slightest bit of skepticism a-brewin' under your skin, here are some fab photos, straight from the seventies, of those OG peeps who wore 'em best. Just a bit of 70s shade inspo to getcha going. Enjoy! 

    As this v wise advertisement says, "The glare-killers are man-killers now." Words to live by. And why not quell the pains of Monday with a little retail therapy?

    Until next time, foxes xx