Hey everyone! I’m here to provide ya with a much requested update on all the happenings at OTC!

Well well.. where to begin? Firstly, we bloody miss you & hope you and your loved ones are all safe ‘n well during this strange time. WELL DONE on your efforts with social distancing and keeping the good vibes! It’s working!!
Aren’t we lucky to be in Australia?

The OTC team have been working our butts off to get our new shipment of goodies ready for you! And HOLY MOLY we have some epic stuff this winter! Think: tonnes of corduroy, denim, leather, velvet and fur.. plus all your fave brands, quality outerwear, retro ski wear, western wear, beauuuuutiful dresses and stacks of accessories. It’s seriously the best we’ve had in years.

Our plan, at this stage, is to have our shops open by the 26th of May. This could change at any point.

As well as following the government’s advice, we will be acting sensibly in regards to the health and safety of our staff and customers. When open, our stores will follow extreme social distancing measures and be cleaned/sanitised regularly.

We strongly encourage our customers to make any enquiries in regards to stock over the phone or our Instagram account (@otcvintage) before coming into the stores.

We haven’t forgotten about our beautiful interstate customers!!

Our dedicated online team is working really hard on the OTC website, where new stock will be uploaded frequently. Be sure to keep up with our Instagram account so that you don’t miss out!

Much love,

Out Of The Closet Vintage


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